Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tribute bands and tubas

Working on some keys today, thinking about 50's Disney movies for ideas, trying to convince Kris it's a good idea... We will see.

Friday, February 26, 2010


This is the 'Brent is slowly making a record and needs a place to type about it' blog deal. I may, or may not type about what is going on in my head at any given time.

Here is whats going on... 2009 was a slow year, I went on 3 separate 2 week tours with 3 different bands, traveled to Denver a handful of times to play steel with the Burning Angels. I spent way more time in Salt Lake City than I had been used to, and this project is a result of that. This batch of songs were mostly written between Feb and Nov '09.

Jesse Ellis offered to record the record and tracking began in November (seeing that on the screen makes me realize that Jesse is going to kill me if we don't get this wrapped up soon)

Song list and people involved (so far..)

I'll Come Down (Charlie- drums, Jake-bass, vocals, Jer- vocals, Jesse- vocals and moog, David- guitar, Brent- guitar and vocals)
To Feel (Chalie-drums, Jake-bass, David- Guitar, Brent- guitar and vocals)
Girl From The Southwest Country (Charlie- drums, Jake- bass & vocals, Greg- Piano, Jer- vocals, Casey- pedal steel, Brent- guitar and vocals)
D'ream Mak'er (Brent-guitar, vocals, Jake- vocals)
The Sun Has Fallen (Brent- guitar, vocals, Jer- vocals, Jesse- moog, Greg- keys)
Ghost of Hopeful Times (Charlie- drums, Jake-Bass, Kris keys and vocals, Jer- vocals and Greg- Keys, Brent- guitar, vocals and pedal steel)
Where the Birds Fly (Gold In Her Hand) ( Cameron- drums Jake and Jer vocals, Trever- bass, Kris 12 string, Wren electric 6 string, Brent- acoustic, vocals)
Lift Up ( Jeremi- keys, Brent- vocals, guitar, pedal steel)
Forever (Jake, Jer, Kris vocals, Brent guitar, pedal steel, vocals)
Honey Rose (Cameron- drums, Trever- bass, Jer- vocals, Jake- vocals, Jesse- Vocals, Casey- Pedal Steel, Brent- guitar, vocals)
All My Hands- (Cameron- drums, David- guitar, Greg- keys, Brent- guitar, vocals, Jake, Jer and Jesse- vocals)
No Pain(Charlie- drums, Jake-Bass, Greg- Vox Jaguar)

that is where we stand as of today, more updates to come