Friday, April 30, 2010

Side one ends with I Want You (She's So Heavy) and side two starts with Here Comes The Sun.

We have been busy. 2 days of vocal tracking, and sessions with both David Williams and Greg Midgley, Casey Prestwood also slayed 2 tracks with pedal steel. We have completed all tracking! (I want to repeat that, but it seems silly when typing...) I updated the song list and players in the first blog post, if you're interested in that stuff.

Thank you Jesse Ellis, Charlie Lewis, Cameron Runyan, Jake Fish, Jeremi Hanson, Trever Hadley, Greg Midgley, Kris Taylor, Wren Kennedy, David Williams, Casey Prestwood

I'm going to take a tiny break to clear the head, then we will dive into mixing.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Casino is back!

Today we added 2 guitar parts to a song called 'Gold In Her Hand.' Watch the video clip of Kris on the 12 string, the kid still has it. Somehow, we (Jake, Kris and myself) convinced Wren to play a slide guitar solo for the song... You'll have to wait to hear that though, I'm keeping a tight lid on that for now.

We'll be back at it tomorrow, I'll get more updates and maybe a song to post...

-Brent and the gang